Malformation Nation’s mission is to help concerned citizens learn more about the amphibian malformation phenomenon in North America and become involved in scientific data collection and analysis of abnormal frogs and toads. In the past 20 years there have been many reports of amphibian declines and malformations, causing concern among the public and scientific communities. Possible threats to human health coupled with ongoing declines in amphibian populations have prompted intensive research by a variety of academic and government organizations. This issue is still very much alive and new malformation sites continue to be discovered each and every year across the US (including Alaska) and Canada.

Our goal is to generate interest and increase the number of people involved in learning about and reporting on amphibian malformations. Your participation in reporting malformed amphibians in your local community is much needed (and greatly appreciated) to help us address this important issue.

A short film showcasing the investigative studies on the causes and consequences of frog malformations, conducted by Dr. Pieter Johnson at the University of Colorado.

Have you found an abnormal looking amphibian?

If so, please report your findings using Malformation Nation’s FieldScope page, sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to collect and report data on our “Report Data” tab. In addition, at our FieldScope site you can interactively explore patterns of amphibian malformations received to date, including the geographic distribution, malformation types, and species affected across North America.